Indian Eyes On Skilled Job Vacancies In Australia

An Indian strategy to boost economic ties with Australia will recommend skilled Indian workers “fill the gaps” in the Australian economy.

Former ambassador Anil Wadhwa, who is writing the ­Indian government’s response to a 2018 Australian report on the bilateral trade and investment relationship, said Indian health workers, infrastructure specialists and security guards could fill labour shortages in Australia.

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The report, to be released before Scott Morrison’s visit to India next year, will say it is ­“imperative” that India focus on Australia to meet its future minerals needs, and a new port on the country’s east coast offers opportunities to boost imports of Australian LNG. The draft ­report identifies acquisition of Australian agritech companies, cotton farms and food companies as key investment opportunities for India, and says India can benefit from Australian expertise in renewable energy and electricity grid technology.

Source: The Australian

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