New Policy To Supercharge Handset Making

An inter-ministerial panel set up by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to develop India as a hub for electronics exports will release its policy, focused on how to further boost handset manufacturing, within one month, top government officials said.

A larger policy for the entire electronics manufacturing ecosystem will also be put in place in the next two to three months, which will include fresh incentives and sops to promote India as a global manufacturing hub. Electronics and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, who chaired a day-long meeting with chiefs of electronics companies, said the time had come to make India a big hub for export of electronics and components. “India will offer you human resource, investor-friendly policies and incentives for making in India, and for exports,” he said, urging companies such as Apple and Samsung to expand their manufacturing base in India and use the country as an exports hub.

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Apple and Samsung should, together with domestic companies such as Lava, transform India into a global powerhouse, Prasad said, adding he did not foresee any conflict of interest between the two sides. “Apple has started manufacturing iPhones in India making components and are exporting as well.  Apple is on board as far as India’s success story is concerned,” he said.

Source: Economic Times

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