Coming Soon: Fewer Jobs From Ecommerce To IT

Sectors like ecommerce & IT will see a big drop in the generation of fresh jobs, thanks in part to automation.

Generating jobs? Tough job. Job-creation trends distilled from two TeamLease ServicesNSE -0.36 % reports, exclusively for ET, present a grim picture for the months ahead. Key job-creating sectors are likely to see a big drop in the generation of fresh employment, thanks in part to automation.

Sectors including ecommerce, BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) and BPO-IT-enabled services could see a drop of up to 37% in 2019-23 compared with the earlier estimates for 2018-22.

Sectors in which job creation has slowed down include marketing and advertising; agriculture and agrochemicals; telecommunications; knowledge process outsourcing; information technology; media and entertainment; and healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

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TeamLease Services collated data from two of its reports — The Jobs and Salaries Primer, 2019, and Employment Outlook Report, HY1, 2019-20. The numbers include both permanent and temp jobs.

“The four-year job creation estimates we compute indicate that long-term job creation for most sectors will dip unless employers and policymakers take proactive measures to counter the impending effects of AI/roboticsbased automation,” said Rituparna Chakraborty, executive vice president, TeamLease.

Source: Economic Times

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