The Government may raise the Minimum Wages for MGNREGA workers

Minimum Wages
Govt may raise the minimum wage for MGNREGA workers

Three months after being hauled up by the Supreme Court for admitting to delay in payment of wages under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) and being asked to “take urgent remedial steps to iron out the creases” in the scheme, the Centre is reportedly mulling something better.

According to The Economic Times, the Modi government may consider hiking up daily wages for those who seek employment under the Act in order to align them with the minimum wages of individual states – a long-standing demand. For instance, daily wages under the scheme vary from Rs 168 in Bihar and Jharkhand to Rs 281 in Haryana. However, the minimum wage in Bihar, effective from April 2018, is Rs 237, while in Jharkhand it is Rs 210 and Rs 326 in Haryana.

The last time the MGNREGA wages and state minimum wages were aligned was in 2009, but since then several states have announced upward revisions arbitrarily. The daily added that the government may make an announcement to address the divergence closer to the general elections next year.

Source: Business Today

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