Maharashtra: 3-month extension to factory closure norms panel

Factories Act
Maharashtra: 3-month extension to factory closure norms panel

The state government has given a three-month extension to a tripartite committee working on finalising proposed amendments to the factory closure norms in the Industrial Disputes (ID) Act.

Headed by state Labour Minister Sambhaji Patil-Nilagekar, the committee was formed in March and has five representatives each from labour unions and companies. The committee is responsible for holding meetings with labour unions and companies’ management representatives on easing factory closure norms, said an official of the labour department.

The official added that the panel was given three months to submit a report, failing which it has been granted a three-month extension.

An official from the labour department said during the previous meetings, labour unions had raised a couple of issues — reducing the employee limit for factory closure and provisions to protect labourers’ rights, among others. “Besides, it has also pointed out that many factories do not fall under the ID Act as they have hired several labourers on a contractual basis. Only permanent employees are considered for factory closure norms. All these issues need to be examined carefully,” said an official.

Source: Indian Express 

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